Best fog lamps for carcar spotlights

Published on May 6 2019

Midcentury Americana Wooden Carfrom $24.99

In case you're considering sharing your automotive fire with the younger members of your loved ones, these rad wooden cars are a excellent jumping-off point, car wash & auto detailing richmond hill.

Car Seat Protector (2-Pack)$28

Cruise with your puppy so long as you need without worrying about their paws scratching the backseat. With these two protective seat covers, your leather or fabric upholstery is protected against stains and scratches. They're heat-resistant with color-safe technology too.

Steering Wheel Cover 22

Keep your hands warmer in the winter and warmer in the summer with this steering wheel cover that offers extra grip. Made with ecofriendly rubber, you won't receive the poisonous smells like with some other rubber products.

Chevy Seatbelt Belt 21.95$

Yet another for the gimmicky-but-fun pile, the concept of a belt to your pants being made from a seatbelt isn't exactly fresh, however we'd still recommend it as a good dad-gift if the old guy is a small gearhead.

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