Best Fastest Car In The World In 2019

Published on May 6 2019

Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid -- 670bhp, 192mph

After we drove the 550bhp Panamera Turbo S, nothing regarding its batty performance made us feel to be an 'S' version was necessary. But Porsche is, it appears, even sillier than the likes of us. So it added power to the Panamera, using lessons it learned in the development of the 918 Spyder hypercar. How you might ever want this much automobile in your life is beyond us, but if you're overdue for a Greenpeace conference, or scared of flying, this really is a monumental continent crusher that can't run out of charge.

Ford GT -- 646bhp, 220mph

The Ford GT was initially shown to stunned onlookers at the Detroit motor show way back at the beginning of 2015. It took until 2017 for anybody to get behind the wheel on the street. By that point, the race version had taken a course victory at Le Mans. The street car shouldn't work. Hurry cars that end up on your way rarely do. However, the GT manages to ride properly, handle skilfully and stay up to its newer-than-space-age looks. A landmark car.

Lamborghini Huracn Performante -- 641bhp, 205mph

It's a indication of just how spoiled we've gotten by supercar power stats that the Huracn's vital numbers almost look somewhat limp in this provider. No matter -- this is the very best car Lamborghini has ever made. It's barely any less user unfriendly compared to the normal Huracn, the downforce made is really spellbinding, and we'll head out on a limb here and state that the baby Lambo may well be the best-sounding car on this whole list. Naturally aspirated V10s for-the-win.

Ferrari 812 Superfast -- 789bhp, 211mph

We live in a mad, mad world. Among many pieces of evidence that this is true is the fact that Ferrari's series-production big-booted GT car is powered by a 789bhp V12 that'll send it past 62mph in 2.9 seconds and to a top rate of 211mph. If that is among the last of those classic V12 supercars, before hybrids and turbos eventually kill off them, then what a thing to do.

Dodge Demon -- 840bhp, 168mph

The very first road-certified factory automobile to be formally effective at wheelies (or even wheelstands, we assume ) is your Dodge Hellcat's more wicked, quarter-mile-munching twin. It's a drag-race monster with an 840bhp supercharged V8 heart, although that sub-170mph top rate is the cheapest in this list, the Demon's ability to launch from 0-60mph in a verifiable 2.3 moments is as remarkable as it's barmy. A worthy addition to the annals of muscle car legend.

Bentley Continental Supersports -- 700bhp, 209mph

Bet you'd forgotten about this one. Yes, just before Bentley wowed us with the sleeker, more raffish brand new Continental GT, it generated a Supersports edition of the outgoing vehicle. And the headline was rather simply this: seven hundred horsepower. And that's appropriate Victorian British imperial reel. It's perhaps not the most populous automobile on this listing by a margin, but that really is the reigning speed champ among Bentleys, also incongruously magnificent consequently.

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